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In development of new products we use our experiences from cooperation with different suppliers from automotive industry.

Our services

What we do

of medical equipment

We design and develop complex medical products that are used in hospitals, operating rooms.

of optical systems

Consultancy, design and review of optical systems, including construction, manufacture and testing of prototypes. The design of the optical system is essential for minimising risks in the development phases and essential for system performance. We offer:

  • Advice and design of optical systems
  • Review of existing designs
  • Building and testing prototypes
  • Manufacturing and sourcing

Technical support
for project management

We can manage the entire manufacturing process of tools, components, assemblies, machines etc. throughout all stages of their production. We have dedicated production & project managers who ensure that production is achieved to the required standards & and that the project is completed within the required timescales.

Plastic design

In the field of plastic development we provide conceptual, designing and developmental services for interior and exterior parts in the automotive industry. We are ready to create 3D models, assemblies and drawings according to customer`s requirements in our office or directly in customers office. Our CAD designers have experiences with Interior trims and covers, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, Frontends module, Headlights and many others plastic parts.

Tools design

In the area of stamping tools, we deal with the construction of tools machines for a wide range of customer`s solutions. We work very closely with tools manufacturers on designing the Stamping tools for sheet steel, Aluminium foils for heat shields and Tools for stamping textile fillings. Our CAD designers have huge experiences with stamping tools for progressive, transfer presses and tandem lines.

Special machine and
assembly lines

Our team of specialists focuses on designing, technology, production and assembling of the various products. Our designers have relevant knowledge in automatization, robotization and programming of production machines. We provide a complete supply of equipment in the area of production and automatization of production processes with a relevant documentation and training of operators.

General engineering

In development of new products we use our experiences from cooperation with different suppliers from automotive industry. We have successfully applied our knowledge also in to the other areas of consumption industry, where the final product consists from plastic and metal mechanical parts. We rely on a high qualification, experience and flexibility of our specialists at solving of new development tasks. We constantly try to optimize and innovate our methods and work processes.

We develop and design more than 7 years

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Since 2014, ADC Slovakia has pushed the boundaries of what design and engineering can achieve. We add to that proud history every day.

Company was born of our founder’s conviction that a more collaborative and open-minded approach to engineering would lead to work of greater quality and enduring relevance.

All these years, ADC Slovakia has been a place where creative people can develop their talents, collaborate with likeminded colleagues and produce incredible work.

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